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Cavs-Warriors Game 1 Reverberations

What a missed opportunity. Cavs looked strong and long in game 1. They gave the Warriors a little dose of reality.

The unbeatable team? The best team ever?

By my count the Dubs dynasty is 1-1 against a healthy Cavs team in the finals.

George Hill makes that 2nd freethrow, maybe it’s 1-0 Cavs.

Durant’s charge isn’t overturned into a 2-shot block, maybe it’s 1-0 Cavs.

JR Smith flips up a finger roll as KD falls away, maybe it’s 1-0 Cavs.

But it’s 1-0 Warriors and I can only hope this goes onto the Cavs shoulder, as in CHIP, and not into their hearts.

See, the Cavs are a very emotional team, led fully by a very emotional Lebron James. When they hang their head or sit content they aren’t the greatest. When they feel slighted, disrespected, and hungry, they can beat anyone.

Including the unbeatable (haha) Golden State Warriors.

The “we are lucky no one can hand check anymore” Warriors.