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I Guess I’d Have To Say This Is Dedicated To You

When Marvin Gaye got divorced in the mid-70’s the judge ordered his wife Anna Gordy (sister of Barry) receive various funds from Marvin and his recording career.

Marvin decided to make an entire album for/about/because of her and give her all proceeds from it’s sale. He of course expressed himself in the lyrics and titles.

Here, My Dear is a strange, intense listen. It’s a man complaining, dissecting, and ultimately dealing with the bitter end of a love affair.

Marvin always wore his heart on his sleeve and did not always find a happy ending. Rumors were swirling about his struggles with hard drugs for years.

Given how tragically he met his demise by the hand of his own father less than 10 years after Here, My Dear was released, this LP is in some ways the beginning of the end of Marvin’s storied career.