decades of fun

Origin Story

Millions of years ago there was WFNK, or at least an idea for it.

I grew up in Cleveland listening to radio when it was a Real Big Deal. I was educated by media, public school, and public college. In college radio I excelled yet became disenfranchised.

The TCOM Act of 1995 signaled the demise of radio as a local voice. Most of my professors agreed. It was a hot topic on my campus.

Satellite radio was coming, and soon after webcasting, napster, podcasts, iPods, youtube, and spotify all on the horizon, bringing media directly to the people without the local radio station’s help.

The only future was in something they were calling micro-casting. To BROADcast is to blast your product to the general public and thus requires a generalness to everything.

To MICROcast is to pick a subset of people, no matter how small, and blast your product to them. This appealed to me.

I was also dipping my toes in DJ’ing clubs with vinyl. I had 2 turntables, a crossfader, and a wall of vinyl to pick from every night.

I was a big funk fan. I was exploring the deep catalogs of many artists – P-Funk, Gil, Curtis, Boots – all day and at my gigs. I was co-producing a weekly deep funk show on college radio.

But I always listened to so many other things. When you play music most the day, you get, what, 16 hours or so to really listen to the world.

WFNK was an idea to microcast music first, then print, video, art, and commentary, interviews that catered to people who understood the power of funk music.

So after 100’s of attempts to do just that, I realized that I had something running that comes awfully close to that initial goal:

WFNK World – Planet Earth Funking For Ages

Play it as is or shuffle. Either way it’s gonna get you going today, tonight, and tomorrow. The power of funk.