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Lawlessness In The White House

Before the election, FBI Director James Comey was well respected career law enforcement man>. He was praised, and more recently attacked, by both sides of the aisle, as the law usually upsets both sides given enough time.

Being a Washington veteran, he had dabbled in politics when forced, but overall his reputation was that of a no-nonsense law enforcement executive unafraid to take on the biggest of national concerns, including Hillary or whoever.

After the election, when 27% of american voters elected to the highest office in the land a despicable man with no experience other than reality TV shows, 4 bankruptcies, and a branding company, well suffice to say things changed.

Comey’s FBI already had the goods on Russian interference in the election. Hacked email servers. Fake news. Bots.

Maybe even collusion with a campaign.

Maybe even the Trump campaign. Maybe continuing into the Oval Office… holy crap!

So imagine how uncomfortable it was when Trump summoned Comey to the White House for a little private chat about how he hoped this investigation would go away.

You know  – when your boss calls you into their office, gets real close and makes piercing eye contact, then tells you they hope you can fix that so and so.

They’re just hoping right … they don’t actually mean it, right?  Guys?

Note that this was the 2nd time Trump and Comey had an uncomfortable meeting.

Then President-elect Trump had a legendarily uncomfortable introduction to the FBI when Director Comey had to ask him about a Russian leak.

The leak claimed to have video evidence of Trump hiring Russian hookers and having a piss party on a past visit to Russia.  That must have been a fun meeting.

The Don just grabbing punany

Trump denied this piss party thing happened, if you are still able to bother to wonder. Perhaps next week he’ll brag about it.

After all, he already bragged about

  • going backstage when pageant girls were changing because he’s the boss
  • grabbing women’s private parts because he’s famous and they just let him
  • the potential size of his then-2 year old daughter’s breasts
  • the amazing figure of his then-teenage daughter
  • the amazing everything of his young daughter, claiming he’d date her if he wasn’t her father
  • how much action he gets from beautiful women from around the world while on his 3rd wife
  • how he fired the director of the FBI because of The Russian thing
  • how he has tapes of the meetings the FBI director just testified about

This dude has been doubling down on bullshit since day 1. His father illegally had him on payroll at age 4.