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Time of Storm

Krzysztof Komeda

The Law and The Fist

By Krzysztof Komeda, 1964

Before a sunrise

from the four sides of the world

from the rowan paths which forests have been burnt

the wind is tired

Right and front where crops stand not harvested

with blackened hawthorn

a day is rising

The sun will hug us with it’s hands

and look! The soil is heavy from blood

It will bear a field of grain again

golden dust

Women will let us dwell again

and look! They’ll laugh through the tears

someone will play

and we’ll dance again

Maybe already

In a day or two

After a night, or three

but not today

After night,

after day

You will see

a rising dawn

Breads will be baked in stoves for us

and look! There was only smoke

Flowers will cover scars of war

tinted with roses

New children will be born

and look! They will laugh

from us remembering that lousy time

time of storm

In a day, or two

After a night, or three

But not today

After day, another day

You will see

A rising dawn

This is the theme song to an amazing polish movie called Prawo i Piesc, translated The Blood & The Fist. 

If you can find it it’s a hell of a flick.

Kris Komeda, composer