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Still The Funkiest Players Around

There’s only space on the mountaintop for a few of our all time music legends, and it’s a funkin shame the Ohio Players remain underrated and unheralded by the mainstream media.

ohio-players-5058df9106f66They deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I mean, honestly, they are right next to the P-Funk empire as far as 1970’s influence, and their catalog is strong too (but not nearly as prolific as GC’s gang of 50+ artists).

Fire, Skin Tight, Honey, FOPP, Angel, Jive Turkey, Funky Worm, Contradiction, My Life, Heaven Must Be Like This, O-H-I-O, Little Lady Maria, Varee Is Love, Pleasure, Far East Mississippi, Climax, Runnin From the Devil, Smoke, Good Luck Charm, Alone…. should I go on? There’s 20 legendary monster jams right there.

Did the Rock Hall gave it up to P-Funk, then walk away from all other funk music from the 70’s?

Funk was a monster genre influencing the entire culture, and P-Funk was an (amazing) anomaly. Artists like OP, WAR, Kool & The Gang, EWF, Mandrill, Zapp, Bootsy’s Rubber Band, Slave, Maze, The Time, Cameo – these were more than dance bands, these were touring rock outfits pushing the limits of showmanship onstage, craftsmanship in the studio, and composing legendary songs with primarily black members. The Rock Hall should be colorblind.

So anyway, OP’s live act has lost several of the original members to old age – RIP Sugarfoot, PeeWee, & Satch – or retirement, but they always field a funky lineup. It must be noted that they now feature legendary drummer James “Diamond” Williams, and he’s been locked with the same bassist Darwin Dortch for 30+ years, so you know they can throw down!

Check the original Dayton Funk, standing strong 44 years after it first dropped: