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Extended Playlist Mentality

So I prayed on it a bit, and I am starting to like the idea I’m calling “Extended Playlists” to organize my digital music library v2.

The idea is simple – develop several playlists 30-50 songs deep. They can be anything, no restrictions on theme or content. The only rule is that once I use an artist I can’t use them in another playlist. This is because their entire catalog will be on the card with the playlist, and 1 playlist will spawn 1 128gb card.

Subsequent playlists will have to select from available artists, until all of the artists are used up.

The end result would be cards stocked with vaguely relatable artists, but a rather random selection of music once their entire catalogs are included. The playlist doesn’t need to be played at all, it is just a method for organizing the cards by artist. It can be played, and it might be fun to construct additional playlists using just the contents of that card.

This also allows for grouping of solo artists with their group, as well as style runs of songs that would keep artists together on the card when wanted.

This breaks for compilations and composers. A compilation has many artists per album and a composer is on albums from multiple artists.

Lookups (I need to hear xyz) will require an index of who is one what card, but I should end up with about 10 cards total, so it’s a simple index.

Still though – constructing interesting playlists that build an entire card’s worth of albums (400+) is intriguing. It tweaks both my DJ and radio programming skills, and could make for some pretty interesting Pono listening sessions for the next decade and beyond.

Now that's a music library
Now that’s a music library