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Wag The Gun


Fox News tells it’s viewers to stay armed because the man running “their” country is a muslim immigrant and his presidency is illegitimate.

Fox News tells it’s viewers that federal agents enforcing the law are actually jack-booted thugs.

Fox News tells it’s viewers that 4 dead embassy workers is equivalent to 4000 dead soldiers, based on their continued coverage of the Benghazi attack last year and their lack of coverage on the lies that led to invading Iraq.

Fox News tells it’s viewers every night that the revolution is coming. Show reasons why. Show agitation. Make agitation. The revolution is coming. The Tea Party will take back it’s country. Right Fox News?

Well have fun avoiding reporting and hiding the truth from your viewers on this one.

2 of your viewers just walked into a pizza parlor in Vegas and murdered 2 white cops that were sitting and eating lunch. They draped a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag over the one as they stole his weapons as they shouted “the revolution is coming”. Then they walked across the street to Walmart, their spiritual home, and shot at more people until 1 shot the other, then committed suicide.

Yes they liked to dress like The Joker. Yes they referenced Columbine. Yes they scared their neighbors. Yes they were probably meth addicts. And Yes they loved Fox News and even drove to the Bundy Ranch to be a part of the latest Fox fiasco.

So here’s probably the only reporting you’ll see on FOX about this event. They will find a quick, easy way to explain it (“these crazies needed mental help”) but will drop all parts of the story where they are aiding and abetting these types.