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Heads Up Displays: Fear Uncertainty & Doubt. Seems as though the future is here now, and it kinda sucks.

We have predicted in-eye HUD’s for decades now. But it was for fiction and hollywood visuals, not day to day life. Regular people simply don’t need a data stream in their eye, we already have it at our touch and it can thankfully be put away.

Does anyone really want HUD’s on them while they work? Lack of concentration is our biggest problem and this is another distraction.

Unless these HUD displays were really giving us interactive and visually clear assistance, why not a poster, a tablet, an HD monitor, a book, or (gasp!) your memory to assist you?

I see a small yet critical market like Linemen and people working at high/dangerous locations, using specially built vertical-apps in their HUD, not wikipedia or google. Climbing all the way up there to be greeted with a surprising part # would lead them to wanting the proper schematic and not having a free hand to click and call up the information.

I also see law enforcement loving this – here’s comes big brother officer, able to “run you” (not just your plates) using facial recognition. This has positives of course, depending on who is the good guy and bad guy at that moment. Cops will become walking video cameras, ID’ing and storing every human interaction they have. Robocops soon thereafter.

All hail the wise ones, our robot masters.