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Vote Them Out! Politicians Who Won’t Compromise Will Ruin Us

If they want to hijack our government for their own radical agenda, then I say let the democracy work the way it should and let’s vote all the idiot tea partying republicans out.

The Tea Party exists to RUIN the federal government. They don’t believe it should exist at nearly the size or complexity it does now. So they have infiltrated and are doing their best to take the whole thing down from the inside. I have a bit of radical in me and don’t care that much for “the feds” but we have to reject this from our system before it achieves it’s goal. Try listening to right-wing radio or TV for 2 minutes before screaming “You Fuggin Idiots!”. Their ignorance is staggering – this is what happened to the people who stopped listening to teachers.




Check it out — an early poll showing that the GOP might get what they deserve for this latest stunt : House Elections should be interesting. Granted, gerrymandering has made many of these districts locks for republicans, but that can hopefully be undone over time.

Here’s a story from the real world — I was in a meeting with my boss (who doesn’t provide me with healthcare) when a website we rely on to design software came up with the message “sorry shutdown because of congress” or whatever. He just paused as he started to realize how this is now delaying a project for his company, with real money on the line, and this website had nothing to do with healthcare. My only SFW thought was “boy the Republicans really don’t want my family to get affordable healthcare” which he replied “Yeah, this is getting stupid”.

More real-world numbers for you:

Estimate I got for individual coverage before ACA with no coverage of pre-existing conditions: $545/month

Estimate I got for individual coverage with ACA including coverage of pre-existing conditions: $320/month

Estimate I got for family of 3 coverage before ACA: $610/month

Estimate I got for family of 3 coverage with ACA: $345/month

Actual cost of my last visit to the ER (1 day, 2 tests, nothing else) as an uninsured american : $13,900

Actual cost of a single follow-up appointment as an uninsured american : $440