decades of fun

Keeping Us Real

What a tragic day. A Kindergarten?

This is the sickest act I’ve seen yet.

Blame ourselves for building such an unnatural environment:

  1. We hide our water ways.
  2. We eject people from our public spaces.
  3. We surround ourselves with plastic.
  4. We eat food riddled with filler or worse.
  5. We pump our bodies with energy drinks, processed cain, and dyes until riddled with flaccidity and cancers.
  6. We ridicule or outlaw art and music and other joyful expression.
  7. We diagnose every physical and mental anomaly and treat it with drugs.
  8. We are eradicating exercise and physical movement.
  9. We replaced exercise and fresh air with simulated killing & networked murder games of ever-growing realism.
  10. We work jobs sitting slumped over machines for 10 hours a day.
  11. Full-time work these days very well might leave you with no benefits and no chance of climbing out of poverty, even with a career-level job.
  12. We pollute our soil, air and water.
  13. We sit on Facebook all day developing a false sense of community.

Is it any wonder the people aren’t happy?

If we just worked to reverse a couple of the above trends over the next generation I do believe general health and happiness of our population can improve.