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The Racist GOP

Just a few days until final voting day here in Ohio, and this ad just went across the sports station that seemed so loaded with code words and implications that I’m almost shocked. Almost because I knew these people were going for the racist vote. But to hear it still bothered me.

The ad had no music, no sound effects, and no booming voice. The announcer, clearly a middle-aged white businessman sort, had a weird, resigned tone. He was pushing a “I’m disappointed to have to say this” sort of delivery, like a doctor giving bad news.


To paraphrase, he said “The shouting has gotten so loud. Soon this will all be over, because one place that’s silent is the voting booth. When you are in the booth alone with your thoughts, you can do what’s right. After all — you tried. President Obama tried. But after four years of failed policies and empty promises, turning neighbor against neighbor, you can vote for real change. You know it’s the right thing to do.”

Alone with your thoughts? The right thing to do? You and the President both tried?

I have studied the history of race relations in America, as well as living in some radically changing communities over the years, and these terms ring a bell. These are code words for racism. These are the code words for putting Obama and all of his supporters into the same bucket as affirmative action, like this was just a little experiment in letting black folks have token power, and now it’s time to take it back.

I just hope it doesn’t work.

If you are still undecided reading this site, just remember Bin Laden and his tapes, remember the never ending Iraq war surge, remember the terror color warnings, remember GM and Chrysler (and their hundreds of vendors) going belly up, remember pre-existing conditions, and remember the world openly mocking the intelligence and motivation of our leaders. This was all before 2009 and ended when Obama took office.

Remember that Mitt Romney thinks a healthy guy like me with no insurance should go to the emergency room when needing help. I did that 4 months ago and they billed me $14,000 for 1 night. 1 night! Maybe Romney can drop $14k out of his millionaire savings, but the rest of us can’t and won’t.

Remember that this is opposite of Mitt’s view when he was governor. Remember that Obamacare is modeled on Romneycare, and that Romney has now abandoned this position (like others) because it lines up with Obama more than the GOP party can stand.

Obama made and is making long term changes to this country. He expects voters to understand this, and to review his policies and not the slivers of early results. Some of his changes haven’t even had time to take effect yet (perhaps a tactical error on his part).

Either way, if you are an american please go vote. The whole system gets a ding when we have under 50% voter turnout.