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Thank You For All Of It


Steve Jobs: 1955-2011.

Where would the tech world, perhaps the world as a whole, be without Steven P. Jobs? The concepts he developed in his teens and twenties regarding if/how/when/why we interact with computers built entire industries. Appleholics like myself are everywhere now, and the Apple-haters have spent the last 5 years doing everything they can to catch up (or ignore) the market-leading companies of Jobs’.

Even technophobes gobble up his Pixar movies.

Look, platform debates amongst users are geeky fun but useless. I’ve used a mac as my main rig since the mid-90’s. I also am a developer and have worked cross-platform that whole time. Regardless of what OS you are using right now on your PC, laptop, or phone — stare at it right now and know that it wouldn’t work half as well as it might without Steve Jobs doing his thing.

He set the bar high and you either bought into his vision or you waited for someone to develop a slightly different version of his vision that fit your needs. But regardless, he has way more points in putting his vision into existence and into your life and pocket than any other modern businessman.


He’s one of the few minimalists in tech, a huge part of his aesthetic that his copycat competitors always fail with. The discipline to remove features is what made Jobs and Apple so special. Doing 10 core functions better, faster, simpler than anything else was valued at Apple through most of their designs. Windows or Android might pile on the features but they always seem to ruin the core functionality and they taint the usability of the device.

Some of us have been preaching this for decades but it’s only the last 5 years that Apple got their product lines all firing at the same time and the speed and size of the tech caught up with the vision of Steve Jobs.

RIP my dear man, you have helped me to learn more, work more, explore more, earn more, and overall enjoy life more than anyone else I can think of.

Here’s a nice note from Prez Obama, also a fan of Jobs.