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Money Is Tight: Purchase Wisely


I’ll give you a double dip recession, and trust me you’ll feel better after!

Here’s my question – why do “D”-Presidents like Obama and Clinton get blamed for the economy they inherited and then not receive credit for any changes they do enact?

Yet GW Bush was able to take credit for the whole ride up the bubble and then leave the crash to be blamed on his successor.

I’ve always heard from Republicans that Democrats shun responsibility and expect things for free but I’m sorry, it’s the opposite. Clinton balanced the budget. Clinton/Gore led a financial revolution for this country using high-tech american ingenuity.

Almost everyone I knew in the 90’s in America was doing better or had a path to better themselves. W Bush took this (using the supreme court to get him into office), sliced taxes for the wealthy, used a 30-year proxy war against a middle eastern crime syndicate to launch into ridiculous land wars we couldn’t afford.

He also pushed new home building and McMansion ownership over anything else (even though we have plenty of housing stock and apartment living is more energy efficient), and pushed a decadent, wasteful, ‘everything is bigger in Texas’ mentality on this big gullable country.

It wasn’t sustainable. Imagine!

W finger

This word that Republicans don’t care to understand just won’t go away!

The housing market collapsed, the SUV’s need fuel and repairs since no one is fixing the roads or bridges without tax revenue, and the average american keeps putting 40 gallons of fuel in their truck or truckish-car every week to drive their fat ass all over the suburbs.

Even though the same 11 stores exist at every strip mall in america.

So there’s this: The Flux-adel Store. Spend your money wisely people. Only support the brands that support you.

You can eat, sleep, party, serve drinks, clean the house, and scare your neighbor in clothes like this.