decades of fun

Stop Calling Me Old! And Get Off My Lawn You Damn Kids!

1st Atari releases it’s retro video game pack for the iPad, containing most of their original stand-up games ported to the iOS.

Then someone mocks up an iPad-to-arcade kit for April Fools Day. Wouldn’t that be cool? Yay Photoshop and imagination.

Then the geeks get to work and turn the gag into an actual working product. Introducing iCade:

It’s a $100 product that requires screwing the box together and mating the controller with the iPad through Bluetooth. Then you slide your iPad in place whenever you want to play old-school! My money is on this thing getting more use than most xbox setups.

[As of today it only works with the (badass) Atari game packs, but an SDK has been released and supposedly other iOS game developers will be adding iCade controller support asap.]

Now if I could just slide my Toyota into the shell of a 1967 GTO I’d be all set.