decades of fun

Ambition and Excitability


I cashed two checks today.

One was from record sales and one was from a live performance. Neither was very large but they were there.
Is this repayment for the time, sweat, and emotion spent on these artistic ventures? Not a chance.
Being raised in a broken family in a broken town in a broken country forces me to understand being broke.
The 2MERICA project has in it’s tag the line “Art for our sake”. I’ve always modulated on every single word there.
I think Art? For? Our?  Sake?
It’s all in doubt when it’s all working right.


Damn straight it felt good cashing those checks but the money was spent on interest on my other debts before it even cleared.

The joy was in the notice of the slow-build that 2MERICA has been forced into. We see if/when you stream, download and sometimes even preview our music.

We don’t tour so please consider not bootlegging our tracks, and if you must, at least share it with someone if you like it.

Pay it forward, like that movie with the homeless mom.

Respect –
Ezrazmus Elemento Jones of 2MERICA