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How many of You are there?

(by Fuckface Bookman, Associated Pruss)

Can your numerous profiles, sensors, logins, switches, accounts, and buttons combine into a single entity? How long would You last if everything you did in a day went into this single profile, nothing more than a record in the relational database that is 21st century life?

Not long, says Ezrazmus Jones, which is why he fears such constant connectivity. The connectivity can only rationally remain constant if we are allowed multiple personalities.

“I have many” says Ezrazmus ‘Elemento’ Jones (not his real name), “and it’s a good thing. I can lurk, I can pull rank, I can drop my credentials, and I can hide them just as easily. Just like offline, you have no idea who you are dealing with unless you know me face to face in a real way.

AI is Asinine Intelligence that will lead us astray.”

Information Overload in the words of the immortal Living Colour.

Hmm, pseudo-interesting point. So add to the discussion here on World Have Yer Say by commenting on if/how you manage to live online as a single entity or if you go the iSchizo route to protect the innocents.

Note that this blog is eaten alive by google, yahoo and bing spiders so you are being recorded (technorati won’t even take a nibble though!).