decades of fun

Fuel for the Fire


You have your fuel.

Then there’s your vices,

and your accomplishments.

You have your work,

and of course things that payoff in other ways.

Don’t ever forget the groundwork, that’s key

…most to all of it on the clock.

I know that big brain gets used for something.

Time costs money and money takes time to get.

Everything else on that list above just has to fit.

I juggle without a crowd or a funny hat.

I juggle because it’s the only way i know.

Focus is not lacking… some resources are.

Focus has brought us here / so very far.

I, me, my writer of this piece —

I continue to be too uncommon,

too unfortunate,

too busy to really care.

I make my art though thick and thin.

I can only live the skin I’m in.

ezramus elemento jones