decades of fun

Out, Done Again! [aka Release with Completion]

See here see here!
The 2nd one is done!

2merica presents:
Sensors & Switches & Buttons
The 2nd el-pee.
see and hear it @

Boo-hoo—you can’t buy it just yet….
should be in all the digital stores in 3-6 weeks.

YET…. we have a limited number of
custom 2merica box sets
containing both LP’s and deluxe packaging
Contact us if you are interested in acquiring
such a rare treat of a product.

Okay, so here’s the scoop on this 2nd album:
original codename was 2nd & 10
22 tracks of chaos. Splitsville.
Robots over here, rhythm section over there.

So 10 robots went to 9, 9 splits to 3.
The triangle. Perfectly balanced.
Perfectly prime. Strange new times.
Everybody has to get paid
for the triangle to pay off.

From the beginning of time
we’ve been fed these lines.


Over analyzing our three stages
of production, profit, and consumptions
led to this collection of songs
entitled Sensors&Switches&Buttons
or just something to play with.

Yours truly and jaimes7m are back
along with swifty, yep & jesus too!
Plenty of robot destruction
with new age 8 bit production
Introducing new voice low-cro
some horn blowing from j
and your favorite talking heads