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Better 3 Years Late Than Never?

sony-nw-99-02-500x500The music industry, ever pro-active and cutting edge, has finally decided to try and sell music in a digital file format.

I have heard some good and many bad things about this new scheme (mainly that it won’t do much to stop digital bootlegging, which has already won) that they are calling “Echo”.

What do you think, would you pay $18 for a couple hundred megs of a downloadable music with full copy-protection and other big-brother tactics? Read more at Rolling Stone.

[including original comment from Wonder B, posted 02-02-2003:

Hell no!!!!!!! (Score: 1)
by WonderB (
 on Feb 02, 2003 – 05:11 AM
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I really must be an old fart because I can’t imagine paying for virtual music…
I have been raised on vinyl and buying something that is not real, meaning that if you will have to burn the CD yourself, is something that I just cannot even understand…!
I don’t even buy the CDR’s that are for sale by a lot of artists who do not have a recording contract so I won’t buy the stuff especially if it’s money to be given to the record industry which denies the funk so much…
By not signing any of the artists I love I cannot see myself giving them more money for them to put out more American Idol and stuff of the same ilk (note that I am being very polite on the subject, a thing that would totally change if we had this conversation live in the open! LOL)
NO sincerely I think that the record industry is trying to jump on the bandwagon which left years ago so their try to catch it up is just plain ridiculous I think.
Imagine how much more profit the industry could get from this way of selling???????? No CD’s to be made? no artwork to be printed? No jewel case to put everything in, and more than that, no costly distributors… Hell I think they still would have the better end of the stick!!!

Wonder B